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Overall Dental Practice Rating ★★★★★ 5 / 5 based upon 77 reviews.
★★★★★ An extremely friendly and welcoming environment - from the receptionist, to the hygienist, to the dentist - are present at Ye Olde Village Dentist. The practice offers professional service with modern equipment and techniques. Dr. Davies described the problem and the procedures recommended. The procedure was painless. I was also impressed by the relationship Dr. Davies and his staff have the other patients who were present at the office during my appointment. It was obvious that all were long-time patients. This was my first visit. However, I expect to be one of those long-time patients. Crofton
★★★★★ The dentist made me feel as if my teeth were his mission and provided me with options for me to choose from. Crofton
★★★★★ I was warmly welcomed by Kris (Office Manager) and Denise (Dental Hygienist). Denise did a great job with the cleaning and took extra care on my sensitive gum areas. Dr. Davies did check out my teeth to make sure there were no issues. He was very thorough and professional. Crofton
★★★★★ Staff was courteous, friendly and on time for the services. The filling went smoothly and the dental evaluation was thorough. The cost was reasonable for the area. The doctor did not push for any unneeded services. Crofton
★★★★★ Dr. Davies gives excellent service and craftsmanship. I have been a patient of his for over 20 years and he is the best I have ever been to. The office staff is very friendly, efficient and I have never had any problems. Crofton
★★★★★ Wonderful family practice - friendly familial atmosphere. Everyone is kind and professional and they make you feel like a part of their family from day 1. My kids beg me to go to the dentist. Need I say more? Crofton
★★★★★ Fantastic from start to finish, no pain throughout procedure, professional, artistry, at it finest with shaping and fitting the crown. Crofton
★★★★★ I arrive on-time for the appointment, was pleasantly greeted by the receptionist, and was immediately taken by the dental hygienist. The hygienist cleaned my teeth, made notes on a couple of potential problem areas, and took X-Rays. Dr. Davies then checked the problem areas both manually and by looking at the X-Rays. He showed my two small areas that needed attention. After completing the rest of the visual examination of all areas of my mouth, we chatted a bit and I went out to the reception area to set up an appointment one week later for the fillings. I've been a patient of Dr. Davies since 2004 and have been extremely pleased with his work, the professionalism of his operation, and the overall experience. Crofton
★★★★★ Wonderful experience, having moved 13 times, I've been to a lot of dentists. Dr. Davies' office is the best. Everyone was professional and I was seen on time. My hygienist was gentle yet thorough. Dr. Davies was personable and trustworthy. They even filed my insurance for me even though I'm out of network. I highly recommend this office. Crofton
★★★★★ I arrived 20 minutes early for my 6PM cleaning appointment with Dr. Davies. Kris greeted me as always and made use of the early arrival to make the next appointment and go over the necessary stuff for this appointment. Filled a small amount of the time catching up with Kris and Mark's Holiday Season. Called in for the cleaning at 6 PM, right on time. The hygienist is great and very professional. The cleaning flew by with casual conversation and a few Ataboys from her.....then the real test, Dr. Davies comes in and pokes around, found nothing too far out of balance and sent me down the road. This was my 6 month cleaning which I seem to look forward to. When a problem is discovered during the cleaning, Dr. Davies takes the time to discuss your options without any added pressure, I like that! This time all was good although there are several issues we are watching but overall, like I said, I look forward to my visits with Dr. Davies. It is rare to have that relationship with a dentist. Crofton
★★★★★ Been going to Dr. Davies for several years for general dental cleanings and fillings. They are exceedingly friendly and helpful and the quality of their services is excellent. They provide a family-like environment and truly seem to care about their patients. Came into office for cleaning. Was called in within minutes. Kelly was friendly and immediately started chatting and getting to work, without seeming hurried. She worked efficiently, then Dr. Davies came in to do his check. They were also patient and answered any questions I had. Crofton
★★★★★ I think the best way to describe how happy I was with Dr. Davies is to admit that I fell asleep while he was drilling and filling two cavities in my mouth. I FELL ASLEEP!!! D
 r. Davies office is a pleasure. It has a nice homey feel and his staff could not be any more pleasant. They made me feel as though I have been coming there for decades. My initial visit was a cleaning that revealed two cavities in a couple of remaining baby teeth that I still have. These baby teeth have been a concern, so Dr. Davies went over several treatment options. He recommended an orthodontic consult, as have many other dentists I've seen, but he spent time telling me about the Orthodontists he was referring me to. My follow-up visit for the fillings went just as smoothly. Between the comfortable patient chair, the noise cancelling headphones, the mouth rest they used, or all three, I don't think I've ever been able to describe a filling appointment as 'pleasant', but this one was! Lastly, while this may sound like it would cost a fortune, it definitely did not. His rates are very reasonable.
★★★★★ Dr. Davies and his entire staff are terrific. We've been going there for several years, and I feel the care we get is first rate. Compared to other dentists I've had over my 64 years, he's the best. His work, his advice, and his business practices are all among the best I've ever experienced.
Years ago, from stress and smoking, I was required to have periodontal surgery, and thus have more exposed teeth and less gum tissue than many folks. Despite this, I think Dr. Davies does and has done remarkably well in caring for me. As a result of his care, my gum disease has been arrested, and my preventative care is reducing the pockets at the roots of my teeth. I will continue to go to him for service, and trust him to (a) provide me proper care, and (b) not try to upsell me on unneeded procedures and treatments. I used to go to a periodontist who did this, and while the care was fine, every time I went there for a cleaning and checkups there seemed to be some additional 'procedure' that added hundreds to my bills. I no longer go there, and have great faith and praise for Dr. Davies. His 'chair-side' manner is terrific, and his staff are always not only competent, but seem to truly care for us, and for him.
★★★★★ Prompt, accurate diagnosis. All options explained. Procedure was completely painless with an excellent outcome, both cosmetically and functionally. I have been a patient there for routine care for years. Dr. Davies and his staff are always professional, friendly and accommodating. His office is 'state of the art'. Crofton
★★★★★ As usual, no wait to get into the chair (I love that!). The dental hygienist was friendly and gentle (yet effective), and Dr. Davies is the best dentist I have ever had. He is friendly and knowledgeable. Comfortable bedside manner and yet gets the work done! He explains everything patiently so that I understand. Crofton
★★★★★ Very clean, very friendly staff, knowledgeable of dental plan coverage, even when changes come up. They call and send reminders for appointments. Crofton
★★★★★ Mark Davies has been our family dentist since the 1980's. We love going to the dentist! Mark and his staff are friendly, gentle and personable. His wife Kris, the receptionist, rounds out the perfect dental experience. Can anyone imagine children saying 'Yay' when they're told they have an appointment with the dentist! That says it all. Crofton
★★★★★ Dr. Davies is always very interested in providing excellent service. His personality is wonderful and he always makes me feel very comfortable while doing his work. I have referred twelve friends to Dr. Davies and they are also very pleased. Crofton
★★★★★ I love this practice. The office space is bright, clean, and welcoming, and the staff is fantastic. Kris, the manager, is so friendly and will go out of her way to assist you with insurance issues. Hygienists, Denise and Dana, are friendly, professional, thorough, and Dr. Davies is as well. The offices uses the latest technology and I always feel I am in good hands. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Crofton
★★★★★ I have been going to Dr. Davies for years, and he and his staff do a wonderful job and are always very friendly. I even continued going to them after they were no longer in my network for my insurance. It is worth to pay a little for a great dentist. Crofton
★★★★★ We have been patients of Dr. Davies for many years. We have always received excellent care. The staff are very friendly and professional. What I like most is that Dr. Davies always washes his hands thoroughly in my presence before conducting his exam. Crofton
★★★★★ Very friendly, provided all information about the exam. Very knowledgeable about payment and insurance coverage. Warm, comfortable office space. Crofton
★★★★★ Hygienist was very good; Dr. Davies answers all questions, has excellent 'bedside manner', is very personable, and very knowledgeable. Has taken excellent care of me for the past 20+ years. He has no peers! Crofton
★★★★★ As always, great, Dr. Davies is very personable and friendly. The hygienist, Kelly, is efficient and gentle. Crofton
★★★★★ This is an incredibly friendly and attractive practice. They are very thorough in examination and treatment. I highly recommend them. Crofton
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